Services: Engineering Procurement & Construction

Engineering procurement and construction services that help balance supply and demand to the grid

Smith Brothers has many years of experience in balancing supply and demand to the grid, having been involved in the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) market since its early days. Through our turnkey services, we’re playing a key part in driving this ever-developing sector forwards.

Our knowledgeable team has previously worked alongside some of Europe’s largest Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) developers. We additionally have expertise in Triad, Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR), Firm Frequency Response (FFR), Secondary Frequency Response (SFR), Demand Side Balancing Reserve (DSBR) and System Voltage Reduction (SVR).

Turnkey service

Our end-to-end solutions are tailored to your specific project requirements and our in-house specialists can take care of everything – from design through to commissioning. Our safe, efficient and budget-friendly turnkey service is what has made us a go-to provider of capacity management solutions.

go-to provider of capacity management solutions Term Operating Reserve Engineering Procurement and Construction
Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) market

We can handle the following EPC services:

Multi-disciplined team

Specialising in complex high voltage projects, we are regularly enlisted to work on lengthy, multi-stage assignments. Alongside our EPC solutions, we also offer the following services:

To discuss your balancing service needs, please contact the team at or 01 903 6480.

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