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We design, manufacture and install prefabricated substations – the perfect containerised solution

Containerised solutions are becoming an increasingly popular option for on-site energy supply, thanks to the efficiency and cost-effectivity of substation pre-fabrication. We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing these, providing a comprehensive service from start to finish that is tailored to your exact requirements.

pre-fabricated containerised solutions

Our expert engineers will initially conduct a site survey to fully understand the scope of works, before using this to construct a best-fit substation off-site. All switchgear, transformers and auxiliary panels are housed and pre-tested within this specially designed, purpose-built unit, which means the only work required on-site prior to installation is the base preparation. The civils and planning phase is therefore minimal and once the base is ready, our team will deliver, install and connect the containerised solution. Then you’re ready to go.

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages of containerised substations, perhaps most notably their compact size, which presents a huge benefit for sites with limited space. As they are fabricated within a manufacturing facility rather than on location, the construction phase can be carried out easily and efficiently with less disruption to other works on-site and energy can be supplied more swiftly.

low and high voltage substations cost-effective construction method constructing the best-fit substation
containerised sub-station delivery

Do you require a containerised substation?

Thanks to this cost-effective build method and delay minimisation, containerised substations present a financially appealing power supply alternative to conventional ones. Alongside designing and manufacturing these custom-built low and high voltage solutions, we additionally offer a range of maintenance services to ensure your substation remains in perfect working order, supplying power to your site safely and reliably long into the future.

Whether you’re building a new site, require additional capacity or want to upgrade your power supply, get in touch on 01 903 6480 or email to discuss how a containerised solution could help.

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