Services: Cabling & Jointing

cable ladder racking; cable tray and basket systems

Cable jointing and termination solutions for power distribution systems.

The quality of cable joints and terminations is central to the integrity of the whole power distribution system. We provide expert cabling services to assignments across all sectors, with a rigorously-trained team of jointers who are adept at working with an array of high voltage power cable types, as well as small diameter control, telecoms and fibreoptic equivalents. No matter the scale of works required, you can be assured that we’ll provide a responsive, professional and affordable service.

Comprehensive cabling

We offer the following cabling and jointing solutions:

Network switch-ons independently certified experienced jointer
Turnkey installation

Continuous training

New cable types and connection methods are continually being developed, so we invest heavily in the ongoing training of our jointers to ensure they are fully proficient with the latest technology and techniques. For instance, our team has received independent certification on inner and outer cone plug connectors, joints, terminations and sealing ends from Pfisterer, ABB, 3M, Lovink, Nexams and Raychem (Tyco), to mention just a few.

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