Offshore Sector

oil rigs in locations ranging from the North Sea to Azerbaijan and Qatar.

High voltage electrical engineering support for offshore windfarms and oil rigs

Our high voltage switchgear and cable jointing experience means we are well equipped to manage complex electrical assignments, including those on offshore oil rigs and wind farms. Having worked on sites new and old, as far afield as Qatar, our multi-skilled team of engineers is highly experienced within this sector. Alongside our vast expertise in cabling, jointing, terminations, connections, switchgear and transformers, we can additionally work with clients to conduct the planned servicing and maintenance of offshore substations.

When it comes to offshore platforms, cabling, switchgear and transformer capabilities may constantly be developing, but the need to maintain reliable subsea cable links remains the same. And it’s precisely because of this need to keep up with evolving technologies that we continually invest in the professional development of our electrical engineering experts. We take pride in our accreditations and are committed to ensuring that clients’ needs are met safely, professionally and proactively through the ongoing training of our specialist team.

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